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The emotion that unites us – campaign on the importance of civil society by FIAPAS, Spain

In the year of its 40th Anniversary, and with the slogan “The Emotion that unites us”, FIAPAS (Spanish confederation of families of deaf people) has developed an action, based on the training and measurement of emotions through neuro-marketing, with which it seeks to highlight the value of community organisation and building as a meeting point, where fathers, mothers, children and professionals, work together to defend the rights of deaf people and achieve their equal participation in society.
The campaign was presented on 26th September at a ceremony held at the Círculo de Bellas Artes in Madrid and conducted by children, youth and parents of FIAPAS. María Pilar Díaz, then Secretary of State for Social Services, was in charge of closing it. The event was also attended by Alberto Durán, first executive vice president of the ONCE Foundation and the president of FIAPAS, Jose Luis Aedo, who thanked the voluntary collaboration of many people from FIAPAS in the campaign and reiterated that “together, we can achieve more”.
For her part, María Pilar Díaz, recalled in her words, referring to the motto of the campaign that, “the emotion that unites politicians, institutions and families, has meant that many children like those who participate in the campaign can hear”.
This awareness raising action is part of the Campaign of Awareness Campaign on the rights of deaf people and their empowerment, developed with a grant of the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality of the Government of Spain with the in cooperation with the ONCE Foundation. It also has the support of the following partners: GAES, Aural-Widex, Resound Grupo GN and the Plataforma Social Comprometidos.
The recording of this experience and the spot it has given rise to, which is complemented by a testimonial piece, can be seen on the website and, with the hashtags #QueloEscucheTodoelMundo and # LaEmociónQuenosUne, on the Facebook profiles and Youtube of FIAPAS.

At the following link you can see the spot of this campaign:

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