News09 13 Epwlb

The European Parliament listens to families in Europe and votes in favour of the Work-Life Balance report!

The European Parliament voted on September 13th the resolution “Creating labour market conditions favourable for work-life balance” (by 443 votes in favour, 123 against and 100 abstention). We were very glad that our efforts paid off and the European Parliament approved the report. The text contains our main lobby points and key areas we identified in the response to the public consultation, including the demand for a paternity leave directive and carers’ leave directive, the establishment of standards for care services for elderly and persons with disabilities and some indications on flexible working arrangement, like smart-work, with the note that use of technologies in the labour market should not create a culture of total availability of employees.

COFACE Families Europe welcomed this vote because it represents a major step in responding to the needs of families and individuals in Europe and expresses a clear political commitment of the European Parliament to work to support families across the EU. With this vote, the EU Parliament is also making a clear call to Social Partners and to the European Commission, to present a comprehensive and ambitious Reconciliation Package.

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