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Update of the campaign “Work&Family” from Step by Step, Croatia

The Parents Association “Step by Step” from Zagreb launched last year in November the campaign “Work&Family” to inform the public about needed changes on a European and national level to support families and achieve a balance between family and work.

The campaign linked proposals from the Directive at European level and the needs of families in Croatia and pointed the needed changes in national family policy implemented by the institutions of the Republic of Croatia. In Croatia, the accent was put on stable and well payed working conditions, active father participation from childbirth, better childcare and health care and empowered working conditions for women.

The “Work&Family” campaign was the first step towards informing the general public about this important topic and is a part of the project of BRZO (Better balance for employed families) which “Step by Step” started implementing  at national level. The project started in November 2017 and is implemented with the support of the Ministry of Demography, Family, Youth and Social Policy.

Step by Step gives full support to the proposal of the EU Directive on Work Life Balance. Step-by-Step, together with other members of COFACE, believe the proposed directive can have a real impact on the lives of families by introducing minimum standards across Europe on paternity leave, parental leave, carers leave, and flexible work arrangements. The Directive would help address problems faced by parents and carers on a daily basis to tackle the challenges of modern societies (such as the ageing population, the gender pay and pension gap, and equality in the labour market). The proposal for a Directive on Work-Life Balance is the right way forward and the Croatian government has the chance to bring a concrete result that would lead to direct positive impact for millions of persons in the EU.

Step by Step launched a set of infographics:



For more information, visit the website of Step by Step:

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