Update on the work of the EU Social Protection Committee

On 13th October 2016, the EPSCO Council (gathering the 28 Ministers of social affairs) adopted a joint opinion of the EU Social Protection Committee (SPC) and the EU Employment Committee (EMCO) on the European Pillar of Social Rights. Both Committees suggested a number of areas which they think merit greater visibility within the Pillar, including gender equality, adequate systems of social assistance, non-discrimination, and the effects of digitalisation and automation. In addition, Ministers endorsed the annual SPC report on the social situation in the EU – see full report online here.

Also worth mentioning is that the EU Social Protection Committee members (representatives of national ministries of social affairs) send annual national social reports to the European Commission as a basis for transnational exchanges on social policies, and also work on developing annual country updates as part of the “Social Protection Performance Monitor” (SPPM) which monitors progress towards the 2020 poverty target and overall social developments in each individual country. See all 2016 SPPM country profiles here.

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