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Birth registration & the prevention of statelessness in Europe – WEBINAR on 7th May @11.00

The European Network on Statelessness (ENS) in collaboration with the European Parliament Intergroup on Children’s Rights is organising a free webinar on the topic of Birth registration and the prevention of statelessness in Europe, taking place on Thursday 7th May at 11.00am.

About the webinar

This webinar will examine the relationship between birth registration and the prevention of statelessness and present a state of play analysis on birth registration law, policy and practice in Europe. This analysis is the first in a series of thematic briefings developed by the European Network on Statelessness using data from their StatelessnessINDEX, a comparative online tool that assesses European countries’ law, policy and practice on the protection of stateless people and the prevention and reduction of statelessness. The briefing, Birth Registration and the Prevention of Statelessness in Europe: Identifying Good Practices and Remaining Barriers, will be launched and available online on 5 May, ahead of the webinar.

The webinar will explore the key issues raised in the briefing, including the lack of procedures and guidance to support civil registration officials to identify where a child may be stateless. Building on previous collaboration between ENS and the European Parliament Intergroup on Children’s Rights, they will also discuss galvanising action at national and regional level to ensure universal access to immediate, free birth registration as a way of safeguarding every child’s right to a nationality and preventing childhood statelessness in Europe. This webinar and briefing are aimed at those working on statelessness and child rights or related issues, such as asylum and migration, anti-discrimination and minority rights, who would like to know more about the importance of birth registration for preventing statelessness, current practice in Europe and what more needs to be done to ensure every child realises their right to a nationality.

The webinar is held to coincide with what would have been the opening day of their (now postponed due to COVID-19) major pan-regional conference Addressing Statelessness in Europe which was due to take place in Alicante (Spain) on 7 and 8 May. Birth registration would have been one of several key protection gaps highlighted during the conference so they are pleased to be able to instead raise it during this webinar, and in the coming months hope to update on plans to re-schedule the full conference – so watch this space!

About the speakers

  • Saskia Bricmont MEP: Co-Chair, European Parliament Intergroup on Children’s Rights
  • Gábor Gyulai: Refugee Programme Director, Hungarian Helsinki Committee
  • Nina Murray: Head of Policy and Research, European Network on Statelessness
  • Khadija Badri: Advocacy & Engagement Officer, European Network on Statelessness


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