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Women for Women represents COFACE at the Family Policy Forum in Plzeň

Our Czech member organisation Women for Women participated in the Family policy forum organised by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs on 31 August and 1st September in Plzeň. The Forum was divided into two main panels and 20 parallel workshops. COFACE Families Europe was represented by two members from Women for Women in the workshop “Work-life balance in Europe and current trends in family policy”. The workshop focused on three topics: flexible work arrangements, engaging fathers and the European Commission proposal for a WorkLifeBalance directive. The panel was composed of representatives from four countries: Sweden, France, Germany and Czech Republic and by representatives from the EESC and the European Commission.

The European Commission launched in April 2017 a Work-Life Balance Package, composed of a Communication and a proposal for a Directive to “support work-life balance for parents and carers”. COFACE Families Europe has been actively campaigning for specific measures on work-life balance. This package is a major step towards the achievement of a reconciliation society and economy. COFACE’s vision, policy approach, and recommendations for EU legislation was presented through our position paper Families on the edge: building a comprehensive European WorkLife balance reality.

More about the Family Policy Forum here (in Czech)

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