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Women for Women’s Celebration of UN’s International Day of Families, Czech Republic

Women for Women (W4W) –the Czech Republic’s leading organisation for one-parent families heads the celebrations of the UN’s International Day of Families with 1,200 people.

W4W put together a programme, which offered great entertainment, fun games and activities and useful information for all types of families and for the young and old.

Ivan Tykac, business women, philanthropist and founder of W4W believes that all families matter, and that people who feel cared for and supported by those around them, help to make stronger communities for all. “We know that families are not all the same. We like the UN definition of family which refers to two or more people, bound together by mutual consent, birth and/or adoption or placement who together care for each other. We celebrate all types of family – one-parent families, step families, the traditional married family, adoptive and foster families, blended and extended families, and those with opposite and same sex parents”.

CEO of W4W, James-Stuart Duffin explains, ‘We have a big vision for Family Day. We want every family, workplace and school in the Czech Republic to celebrate the wonderful diversity and reality of families every year in May. We want Family Day to be as well recognised and celebrated as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. We want children to look forward to Family Day as a time when they feel beloved, understood and respected even though their family might not be generally celebrated.’

He continues, ‘I believe that we are just following the reality of what families are already doing rather than leading a process of families becoming more diverse and complex. But families and children deserve a voice on their behalf calling for equality and celebration because unfortunately every day children feel different, excluded, not normal and may be bullied because of the family they live in. This has to change and building on all the good work being done by families all around the Czech Republic.’

Together, on Family Day we can take the opportunity to refocus on the role of families, to take stock of recent trends in family policy development and share good practices, and review challenges faced by families in the Czech Republic, one-parent and other families, and continue to recommend and pursue solutions.

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