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Work-Life-Balance update: Where are we now?

Negotiations between Parliament and Council have started. The Austrian Presidency scheduled 5 trilogues and two already took place. The negotiations are ongoing as we speak and the possibility to reach a deal by the end of the year is more real than ever. If a deal will not be reached, it will only be a matter of political will at this point. Having a deal by 2018 would mean that there will be time for all institutions to complete all procedures and adopt the directive by the elections, closing a cycle with a success.
A deal is important but, in order for it to be benefitting millions in Europe, it must be a quality deal, with well paid and non-transferable leaves. Reaching any deal, agreeing only on those areas, like paternity leave, where very small changes will be required only from a limited number of countries, would only be a  façade deal. We hope  MEPs and Member States representatives are better than this.

  • Non-legislative part of the WLB package: the EU Parliament (FEMM committee) voted on a report on care services for gender equality on 10 October and it will  go for a final vote in plenary in mid-November. We wish to congratulate the FEMM Committee for the excellent work and for, once again, showing a clear will to make Europe gender equal.


  • Work-Life Balance Eurobarometer: on 26/10 the European Commission published a Eurobarometer on Work-Life balance. Member States on the issue of work-life balance. In this survey, 26,578 respondents were asked about: existing levels of satisfaction with work-life balance, the availability of various types of flexible work arrangements and how they are perceived by employers and fellow workers; and more. See a summary of the results here 


  • WLB Webinar: our German Member AGF is organizing a Webinar on 6 November on worklifebalance. Paola Panzeri will introduce the current state of play in the EU, Lena Reinschmidt, Project Coordinator and Research Officer, Observatory for Sociopolitical Developments in Europe will report from a series of expert meeting held in Germany on the topic and Agnes Koon Chui LAW, PhD, Professor & Director, Center for Social Work Education and Research, Sun Yat-sen University will give insights on Work-Life balance in China. Date: 6 November 2018, 13:00 – 15:00 Central European Time (CET) (Europe/Berlin, Brussels). The language of the webinar will be English. To participate, please register by sending an email to
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