The European Family Support Network (EuroFam-Net) is a pan- European network promoting collaboration between researchers, practitioners, policy agencies and service user organisations. Its aims are to promote children’s rights, family welfare and social equality through developments and innovations in family support research, policy and practice. EuroFam-Net is international, multi-disciplinary and inter-sectoral with over 100 members representing over 30 countries. 

Launched in 2019, EuroFam Net will undertake a four year programme of activities funded by the European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) program (COST Action no.18123). The EuroFam-Net COST action will: 

  1. Develop an innovative conceptual framework for family support research, policy and practice.
  2. Develop evidence-based resources for family support policy and practice.
  3. Develop professional skills and training frameworks for family support services and practice.
  4. Adopt a multidisciplinary approach underpinned by commitments to children’s rights, social
    welfare and methodological diversity.
  5. Promote wide involvement and dissemination across all stakeholders – including young people
    and families themselves – to improve the accessibility and effectiveness of family support.

COFACE Families Europe is an advisory member of this network.

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