2021 Dates

Meetings and webinars

European Family Lab breakfast bytes

  • 19th January: Family Lab spotlight on Croatia (theme: teenager parenthood)
  • 16th February: Family Lab spotlight on Belgium (theme: digital parenting)
  • 16th March: Family Lab spotlight on Finland (theme: loving long-distance)
  • 13th April: Family Lab spotlight on Greece (theme: preventing bullying)
  • 18th May: Family Lab spotlight on the Czech Republic (theme: single parenthood)
  • 15th June: Family Lab spotlight on The Netherlands (theme: work-life balance)
  • 14th September: Family Lab spotlight on Bulgaria (theme: Family Group Conferencing)
  • 12th October: Family Lab spotlight on France (theme: peer support to family carers)
  • 16th November: Family Lab spotlight on Hungary (theme: healthy food and sustainable communities)
  • 14th December: Family Lab spotlight on Spain (theme: mediation between parents and teens)

Health and safety at COFACE events

We regularly organise events to drive innovation in support services to families and children as well as the wider community. This includes a mix of expert meetings, trainings and public conferences, on a variety of topics related to work and family life.  Due to the global pandemic, we have shifted most of our events fully online while in some exceptional cases we are organising hybrid events (offline/online).

The safety and health of COFACE team, members, suppliers, and partners in our events comes first. That is why we are closely following the COVID-19 developments and have taken several measures to welcome people in COFACE meet-ups in full compliance with the public health measures in the country where the meeting is hosted (limiting the number of participants, wearing of masks, respecting social distancing, hygiene of the hands).

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