We aim to get more people involved in Europe (that is the desire of our EASI funder), we aim to get more people  involved in COFACE (see strategic framework) and consolidate our network, help it grow in numbers and expertise. One way of doing this is to help people understand the EU dimension of their work. We will therefore set up a COFACE Training programme called “Experience Europe” to be used by COFACE members and staff.

The programme would consist of a series of “learning modules” based on powerpoint slides/supporting documents, and maybe videos (depends on time and resources).

The modules could focus on different aspects of Europe (Migration&Europe, Disability&Europe, Digitalisation&Europe, SocialRights&Europe, Funding&Europe), but start with a very simple module on the first essential steps to get closer to Europe. To demystify Europe and encourage people to find it accessible, to want to learn more and hear the other modules.

Here is a first “test” Module 1 called “Getting Closer to Europe: First Essential Steps”.

This first module would help people realise they do not need to be an expert on EU law and policy-making in order to get involved, but they do need to understand some basic dynamics about Brussels and Europe:

  • Political priorities/frameworks
  • Who is in Brussels?
  • How to link up to Europe?
  • Understanding Eurospeak

See full module here: Experience Europe – Module 1 : Getting Closer to Europe: First Essential Steps


Module 2 called “A brief introduction to EU funds”

See the full module here: Experience Europe – Module 2 : A brief introduction to EU funds


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