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3rd October 2019
Helsinki, Finland
Venue: Vaestoliitto offices
Kalevankatu 16, PL 849, 00101 Helsinki


9.00-9.05 Welcome by Annemie Drieskens, President

9.05-9.15 Draft agenda&Draft minutes (for adoption)
Documents: Draft Agenda, Draft Minutes

9.15-9.45 Policy actions 2019

– S.H.I.F.T Guide towards meaningful inclusion of persons with disabilities and their families
(for adoption)
Document: S.H.I.F.T Guide
-Preparation of COFACE meeting on digital families and the Digital Family Lab (for discussion)
Document: Agenda for the meeting
-Consumer poll about toys and stereotypes (for discussion)
Document: Proposal of questions for the poll

9.45-10.00 Membership update
Membership development and strategy (for discussion)

10.00-10.10 Financial update
Proposal to make some rule changes in relation to day-to-day financial management
Document: Proposal (for adoption)

10.10-11.00 COFACE 2019 evaluation: The impact of the EU worklife balance directive (for discussion)
As part of our 2019 evaluation, Dominique Danau is carrying out an evaluation of the impact of the EU worklife balance directive / #iwantworklifebalance campaign on individual COFACE members and on COFACE as a network. She will present the first results of her analysis. This will be the basis for a brainstorm on the WLB part 2 strategy of COFACE from 2020 onwards.
Document: Presentation by Dominique Danau, independent expert

Key questions for AC discussion:
-What are key learning points for you from the #iwantworklifebalance campaign?
-What should be the key priorities for Work-life balance part 2?
-What should be the key priorities for COFACE’s next major campaign?

11.00-11.30 Coffee break

11.30-12.30 Workplan 2020: key dates and actions (for discussion)
The COFACE secretariat will present the calendar for 2020, key actions, campaigns and mobilisations. Document: overview of 2020 workplan.
Discussion points:
Key dates and meeting in 2020 workplan
Newsletter for the new decade 2020-2030
-2020 COFACE membership consultation about families of today
-Worklife balance and gender equality in the family – 2020 campaign

12.30-13.30 Communication Strategy on New Deal for Families of Today
(for discussion)
Documents: Media release in reaction to new Commission + New Deal for Families of Today.
This will be an opportunity for COFACE policy staff to provide updates on key EU developments, and to agree on a communication strategy to approach the new European Parliament and Commission about our New EU Deal for Families of Today.

13.30   AOB and lunch


15.00-17.00  Start of the COFACE Open spaces, with a Spotlight on Finland. Round table on evidence-based approaches to supporting families

19.00 Dinner and social event



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