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17th March 2020
Venue: COFACE office, 17 rue de Londres, 1050 Brussels

!!Cancelled due to global pandemic!!

Due to the global pandemic, this meeting was shifted online in two parts:

Online AC vote on 9th April

Online discussion on 30th April



9.00-9.15 Welcome by Annemie Drieskens, President

9.15-9.30 Draft Agenda & Draft Minutes for adoption

9.30-10.15 Statutory business

-AC 2020 elections: information point
-Membership applications from Bulgaria, Hungary and Ireland For decision
COFACE Annual Report 2019. For adoption.
-Annual financial report 2019. Budget-Results 2019-2020 / Final accounts 2019 (FR) For adoption.

10.15-11.00  Membership development

-Network development and mapping of family organisations which need to be contacted, as well as a discussion on how to reach out to organisations in countries which are missing from the COFACE network. The starting point for discussion is this list of NGOs which have been in touch with the office.
-COFACE Families of Today & OECD survey – update on progress on mapping COFACE actions across countries and sectors.

11.00-11.15 Tea break

11.15-11.45 Child compass 2030 For discussion.

Following the Helsinki conference on shaping a healthy environment fit for children. See Discussion Note also linked to the European Child Guarantee seminar on 28-29th September 2020 in Berlin.

11.45-12.30 EU update + national updates – for information&discussion

-EU consumer legislation update
-European Pillar of social rights & Transposition of WLB directive
-European disability strategy
-European Budget + EU funds
-Digitalisation update

EU update_IB_30March (Social Pillar and SDGs, A Strong Europe for Just Transitions incl. Child Guarantee and European Disability Strategy 2020-2030, EU Commission Worplan, European Semester, COVID Outbreak: EU actions)

12.30-13.30 Lunch break

13.30-14.30 Exchange of views with President von der Leyen cabinet

-Presentation of European Commission priorities for 2019-2024 followed by reactions and exchange of views.

14.30-15.30 2020 key COFACE actions for information/discussion

-Key events and meetings (Paris, Brussels, Zagreb, Monza, Berlin, Budapest)
-Key communications actions (Families corner, campaigns, videos, social media) see SHIFT45 campaign_for discussion

-Key European projects (DigiGen, Euroship, and more)

15.30-16.00 Workplan 2021 – for discussion
COFACE Activities 2021

16.00           AOB + end of meeting





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