**Please note: This is an internal COFACE expert meeting**
(meeting documents are for internal use, not for dissemination)

2020 COFACE Disability platform for the rights of persons with disabilities and their families

24th June 2020


List of Participants
Link to join the Zoom meeting

Final agenda
Practical information on the meeting and on the interpretation

9.15-9.30          Participants connect to Zoom

9.30-9.45         Presentation of the agenda and tour de table

09.45.-11.00    Focus on COFACE members: New challenges & new solutions in COVID-19 times

  • Natalia Beraza, FIAPAS
  • Gaetano Santonocito, AIAS Monza
  • Chantal Bruno, APF France Handicap

Q&A with members

How to facilitate members’ mutual exchange and learning: a COFACE Disability Platform Directory and COFACE Digital Family Lab

  • Short Presentation of the document and Family Lab

Feedback and proposals from members

11.00-11.15  Tea break

11.15-12.00 Focus on the EU: How to strengthen our joint advocacy

Feedback and comments from members

12.00-12.15 Focus on transnational exchange

  • COFACE proposal for ERASMUS+ project on S.H.I.F.T. project proposal

Feedback and comments from members

12.15-12.25 COFACE Disability Platform 2021 Portugal meeting

  • First ideas on topics and format
  • Feedback from members

12.25 -12.30 Conclusions



Use of personal data

Please note that you will be attending a COFACE meeting where photographs and audio-visual footage may be taken. The photos may be communicated by COFACE on its website or social media or electronic or printed publications. Should you prefer not to appear in any images and videos, please contact the organisation secretariat at secretariat@coface-eu.org.

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