APF France handicap, a French association for the defence and representation of people with disabilities and their families, has for many years been conducting actions with and for family carers of people with disabilities, particularly in defence of their rights. APF has noted a growing expression of the expectations and needs of these people and, in this respect, wishes to set up a comparative study on the status of family carers across countries in order to improve the daily lives of family carers and identify existing good practices.

We have the following questions:

1.Is there a legal or informal definition of a family carer in your country?

2.Is there a social/legal status of the family carer in your country?

3.What are the criteria to meet the definition of the status of the carer?

4.What rights/assistance are granted to the family carer? (Respite care, leaves, financial compensation, pension rights)

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Country fiches 2020

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