14th-15th September – Athens, Greece
Arrival of participants on Wednesday 13th September 2017

Peer review method

The Peer review method is emerging as a practical and effective tool for exchange, taking a local practice as the starting point for European exchanges. The methodology proposed is an adaptation of the peer review methodology already established by the European Union’s PROGRESS Programme to increase co-operation and knowledge transfer across countries. This enables the host organisation to become acquainted with an external perspective, to present its strengths and showcase good practice, enhance accountability towards stakeholders, detect weaknesses, discover the good practice of peers, and generally engage in mutual learning with peers.

Aims of this COFACE peer review

-To identify, evaluate and disseminate good practice;
-To look at the implementation of good practice on a practical level;
-To assess whether and how good practice can be effectively transferred to other contexts;
-To provide a learning opportunity for COFACE host and peers;
-To explore the possibilities of building a common project with COFACE members.

Host: KMOP, Greece
Practice reviewed: Live Without Bullying
Peer countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Finland, Hungary, Spain
Independent expert: Elizabeth Milovidov, Digital Parenting Consulting


Key documents (for internal use)

Programme (for internal use/not for dissemination)
Preliminary Review (for internal use/not for dissemination) by Elizabeth Milovidov
Description of “Live Without Bullying”
Background document on aims of the peer review
Key questions to prepare the peer review
Feedback: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, CzechRepublic, Finland, Hungary, Spain1, Spain2
Practical Information (hotel, maps, refund conditions, etc)
Dinner Thursday evening – Sin Athina
Expenses form
Meeting evaluation form

Public resources
COFACE public webpage about the peer review
Article about the peer review by Greek news agency AMNA

Peer review Programme

Thursday, 14th September 2017 (peer review meeting for COFACE members only)

Working language: English
Address: KMOP office, Skoufa 75 Street

Welcome by Annemie Drieskens, President of COFACE Families Europe
Presentation of aims and objectives of this peer review

9.30-12.30    Session 1 Focus on Greece: “Live Without Bullying” (LWB)
The aim of this session is to present and discuss LWB, allowing for Q&A from COFACE peers to better get to know the programme. Discussion will be supported by an independent preliminary review.

Chair: Liz Gosme, Director of COFACE Families Europe

Presentation of Live Without Bullying: origins and first results
By Antonia Torrens, President of KMOP, Greece (presentation)

Preliminary Review: LWB in the European context: successes, challenges, recommendations.
By independent expert Elizabeth Milovidov, Digital Parenting Consulting. (presentation)

First peer discussions on school & cyberbullying
General comments from COFACE peers about LWB, making comparisons with challenges, policy, practice in their countries.

12.30-13.30    Lunch

13.30-17.00 Session 2 Focus on Europe: COFACE peer discussions and comparisons with other countries

The aim of this session is to look at three key topics related to LWB, starting with KMOP’s perspective on the basis of LWB, and invite COFACE peers to comment and share their views based on their country examples, practices, challenges, successes. Note: we are combining discussions on school bullying & cyber bullying since we consider they are intrinsically linked.

Topic 1: Take-up of different LWB services and the importance of anonymity/technology.

Chair: Martin Schmalzried, Senior Policy and Advocacy Officer, COFACE Families Europe
-Opening comment: Antonia Torrens, KMOP, Greece
-Peer comments: Jean-Bernard Audureau, ASEGCO, Spain; Roza Dimova, CWPS, Bulgaria; Erika Coene, Gezinsbond, Belgium

Topic 2: Human rights education to prevent bullying & expanding children’s knowledge about their rights/what bullying means.

Chair: Magdi Birtha, Policy and Advocacy Officer, COFACE Families Europe
-Opening comment: Antonia Torrens, KMOP, Greece
-Peer comments: Silvija Stanic, Step by Step, Croatia; Melinda Balint, NOE, Hungary; Julien Léonard, UNAF, France

Topic 3: The importance of educating children in life skills, such as effective communication tools, empathy, recognition of feelings, the importance of expressing our feelings to others, etc)

Chair: Elizabeth Milovidov, Digital Parent Consulting
-Opening comment: Antonia Torrens, KMOP, Greece
-Julia Perez, UNAF Spain; Heli Vaaranen, Vaestoliitto, Finland; Sissi Potzinger, KFÖ, Austria

Closing session: Key conclusions and suggestions of next steps
Liz Gosme, Director of COFACE Families Europe


Friday, 15th September 2017 (public event targeting Greek experts)

-Innovative tools for Combating Bullying and Cyber Bullying. The European perspective

Address: ESIEA, Academias 20 Str. Athens
Working language: English/Greek
Target audience: Greek experts on programmes to tackle bullying

See programme.

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