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General Assembly

15-16th May 2018
Brussels, Belgium

COFACE Programme Overview
Tuesday 15th May 2018
-9.00-17.00   Administrative Council meeting
-18.00-22.30 60th anniversary celebrations
Wednesday 16th May 2018
-9.30-15.30   General Assembly meeting


Supporting documents

Invitation GA EN-FR 16.05.2018

INFO PACK 1 hotel Chambord / INFO PACK 2 hotel Aqua

COFACE Disability Letter – EN/FR
COFACE Statutes – EN/FR



  1. Welcome and introduction by the President
    Annemie Drieskens, President
  2. Agenda and Minutes
    – Adoption of the Draft Agenda (EN/FR)
    – Adoption of the Draft minutes of the last GA 2017 / PV provisoire AG 2017
  3. Integration of COFACE Disability in COFACE
    a) Amendments (EN/FR) of COFACE Statutes – for adoption
    b) Updated COFACE Rules of Procedure (EN/FR) – for adoption
  4. Activity Report  2017
    a) Presentation of the annual report 2017
    b) Presentation of evaluation report 2017 (report + annex) by  evaluator Dominique Danau
  5. Closing of the books 2017 (balance and results 2017)
    a) Presentation by Eric de Wasch, Treasurer and Florian Charron, Finances and Projects Manager
    Budget-Results 2017 – Budget 2018
    Balance sheet 2017 (Belgian National Bank format, FR version only)
    b) 2017 Report of Pierre Cernesson, Financial Adviser
    Questions and feedbacks from Members
    Members vote to give discharge to Administrators and Financial Adviser
  6. Activities 2018: update on EU social policy (Pillar of social rights –Work life balance directive…) and COFACE activities .
    For discussion. Summary of 2018 activities.
  7. Work plan and budget for 2019 – for adoption
    Discussion and adoption. Draft workplan 2019 + Draft Budget 2019
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