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Katholischer Familienverband Österreichs 

Website: www.familie.at /

Contact: Elisabeth Potzinger – potzinger.family@aon.at

Expertise: Education, Migration, Disability


Fonds du Logement Wallon 

Website: www.flw.be

Contact: Vincent Sciarra – Vincent.Sciarra@flw.be

Expertise: Social housing


Website: www.gezinsbond.be

Contact: Annemie Drieskens – annemie.drieskens@gezinsbond.be

Expertise: Communications, Gender equality, Worklife reconciliation, Safer internet, Financial inclusion, Disability, Inclusive education, Poverty/social exclusion, Health and advertising, Digital skills, Energy/climate, Housing, Education, Mobility/transport, volunteer recruitment, consumer rights

Services: Young families, elderly, youth, education, consumers, disadvantaged families, migrant families, single parents, families in poverty

Ligue des Familles

Website: www.liguedesfamilles.be

Contact: Christophe Cocu – c.cocu@liguedesfamilles.be

Expertise: parental leaves, worklife reconciliation, gender equality, energy, safer internet, …

Services: direct services to families, babysitting, newspapers, etc.


Center of Women’s Studies and Policies

Website:  www.cwsp.bg

Contact: Roza Dimova – cwsp@cwsp.bg

Expertise: Gender equality, violence against women, sexual health, …

National Mouvement Women and Mothers Against Violence

Website: www.bebe.bg

Contact: Mariela Nankova – mariela_nankova@abv.bg

Expertise: consumption, food, health, violence against women, intergenerational solidarity, …

Tulip Foundation

Contact: Maria Petkova – mpetkova@tulipfoundation.net

Expertise: support to children and families.


Step by Step – Parents’ Association

Website: www.udrugaroditeljakpk.hr

Contact: Silvija Stanić – silvija@udrugaroditeljakpk.hr

Expertise: Education, Parental support, Cyberbullying



Pancyprian Organisation Polyteknon

Website: www.pop.org.cy

Expertise: large families.


Women for Women

Website : http://women-for-women.cz

Contact: Michaela Marksova – michaela.marksova@gmail.com

Expertise: Communications, Gender equality, Worklife reconciliation, Financial inclusion, Inclusive education, Poverty/social exclusion, Supported Housing.

Services: Lunch for kids, Second chance to learn, The career bridge, Out of school recreation, Elderly people



Väestöliitto – The Family Federation of Finland

Website: www.vaestoliitto.fi

Contact:  Eija Koivuranta – eija.koivuranta@vaestoliitto.fi

Expertise: Communications, Migration, Gender equality, Worklife reconciliation, Health and advertising

Services: Young families, Youth, Education



Aide à domicile en milieu rural (ADMR)  

Website: www.admr.org

Contact: Christel Zelgowski – czelgowski@un.admr.org 

Expertise: home care services.

Association des Paralysés de France (APF)

Website: www.apf.asso.fr

Contact: Chantal Bruno – chantalbruno@orange.fr

Expertise: Disability, Deinstitutionalisation, Family carers, Inclusive education

Services: Rehabilitation and support services, Supported housing, Supported employment, Information: Faire Face magazine and a website, Advocacy: in numerous local, national and international bodies and groups to represent and assert the rights of people with disabilities and their families.

Association pour le Spina Bifida et Handicaps associés (ASBH)

Website: www.spina-bifida.org

Contact: Benoit Fourcroy – benoit.f@spina-bifida.org

Expertise: Persons with spina bifida and their families

Services: A national help and listening service,  quarterly newsletter and more than a dozen specific guides on disability, meetings of parents of children and concerned adults in order to discuss together, and with specialists, the problems encountered and possible solutions, Supply of medical equipment providing all types of medical devices at PBDA prices without any extra charge or advance payment, Technical advice on continence disorders in France

Confédération Syndicale des Familles (CSF)

Website: www.la-csf.org

Contact: Evelyne Bernard – eveavenel@outlook.fr

Expertise: families in vulnerable situations, lone-parent families, social housing, …

Familles de France

Website: www.familles-de-france.org

Contact: Virginie Durin – virginie.durin1@gmail.com

Expertise: family policy, education, consumption, housing, health, sustainable development, disability, …

Familles rurales

Website: www.famillesrurales.org

Contact:  Marie Agnès Besnard – ma.besnard@wanadoo.fr

Expertise: rurality, childhood, youth, consumption, health, food, housing, public services, environment, energy, economics and finances.

Union Nationale des Associations Familiales (UNAF)

Website: www.unaf.fr

Contact: Marie-Andrée Blanc – sec.pres-DirUnaf@unaf.fr

Expertise: family policy, early childhood, childcare services, reconciliation, work-life balance, leaves, support to families, consumption, health, food, housing, public services, environment, energy, economics, digitalization, work, finances.

Union Nationale des Associations de familles de traumatisés crâniens (UNAFTC)

Website: www.traumacranien.org

Contact: Emeric Guillermou – guillermou.e@wanadoo.fr

Expertise: brain trauma issues.

Union Nationale des Associations de parents, de personnes handicapées mentales et de leurs amis (UNAPEI)

Website: www.unapei.org

Contact: Elisabeth Lammers – elammers@apei-bs.asso.fr

Expertise: Persons with disabilities and their families

Services: Support services for persons with disabilities and their families, advocacy and action around accessibility, citizenship rights, housing, health, education and employment.

Union des acteurs de parrainage de proximité (UNAPP)

Website: www.unapp.net 

Expertise: children, youth, family, social exclusion, disability.

Maman Travaille



Association of German Family Organisations

Website: www.ag-familie.de

Contact: Sven Iversen – iversen@ag-familie.de

Expertise: Communications, Migration, Work-life reconciliation, Financial inclusion, Disability, Poverty/social exclusion



Confederation of large families’ association of Greece (ASPE)

Website: www.aspe.gr

Contact: Dimitris Stamoulis – dstamoulis@yahoo.com

Expertise: interests of multi-child families.

Family and Childcare Centre (KMOP)

Website: www.kmop.gr

Contact: Antonia Torrens – torrens@kmop.gr

Expertise: Disability, Migration, Inclusive education, Parental support, Employability, Worklife reconciliation

Services: Young families, elderly, youth, education, employment, people with disabilities, migrants, victims of violence and trafficking


Single Parents Association Hungary

Website: www.egyszulo.hu

Contact: Anna Nagy – nagy.anna@egyszulo.hu

Expertise : one-parent families.

National Association of Large Families (NOE)

Website: www.noe.hu

Contact: Kinga Jóo – Kinga.Joo@eesc.europa.eu

Expertise: large families.

Union of Hungarian Women Association
Website: mnunio.hu
Contact: Mónika Mészáros – mma@intellexi.hu
Expertise: promotion of women’s right.



Irish Countrywomen’s Association (ICA)

Website: www.ica.ie

Contact: Anne Payne – painanne76@gmail.com

Expertise: women’s interests, family policies and community values.


Associazione Italiana per l’Assistenza agli Spastici (AIAS)

Website: www.aiasnazionale.it

Contact: Gaetano Santonocito – santonocito@aiasmonza.it

Expertise: Communications, Disability, Inclusive education

Services: Young families, Elderly, Youth, Education, Employment, Disabilities, Consumers

Coordinamento Familiari Assistenti “Clelia”

Website: www.cofaasclelia.it

Contact: Anna Maria Comito – cofaas.clelia@alice.it

Expertise: Worklife reconciliation, Disability, Inclusive education, Health and advertising

Services: Young families, Youth, Education



Union of Latvian Large Family Organisations (ULLFA)

Website: www.ldgbapvieniba.lv

Contact: Leonids Mucenieks – Leonids.Mucenieks@ltv.lv

Expertise: large families.


National Assembly of Active Mothers (NAMS)

Website: Nacionalinis Aktyvių Mamų Sambūris (nams.lt)

Contact: Rasa Žemaitė – rzemeje@gmail.com

Expertise: family friendly social environment, parenthood, childhood, social integration, sexual equality, women and men equal opportunities.


Association des Parents d’enfants mentalement handicapés (APEMH)

Website: www.apemh.lu

Contact: Sylvie Hirtz – sylvie.hirtz@apemh.lu

Expertise: Persons with intellectual disabilities and their families

Services: housing structures adapted to the needs of the users according to the situation of disability, age and degree of dependency (old age, multi-disability, autonomy project, etc.), Day care structures (Day Care Centres and Day Activity Services) for people with disabilities who are unable to work or no longer able to work, Educational and childcare services and service of home support for children at home, accompaniment to parenthood, accompaniment of more autonomous adults in green environments and in the inclusion in common law services.


Pro Parents (Supporting member)

Website: proparents.nl

Contact: Joyce Knappe – j.knappe@proparents.nl

Expertise: work-life balance, parenting, healthcare innovation.


Fundação LIGA

Website: fundacaoliga.pt

Contact: Gonçalo Solla – gsolla@fundacaoliga.pt

Expertise: Persons with disability and elderly persons.

Services: programs/services, in the areas of Research, Early Intervention in Childhood, Rehabilitation (consultation and therapy), School of Production and Professional Training, Activities to develop of complementary capacities essential to full human development, in the areas of Accessibility and Autonomous Life, Sports, Recreation, Art and Culture.

Associaçao Nacional de Familias para la integraçao da pessoa deficiente (AFID)

Website: www.afid.pt

Expertise: autonomy and social support, health, education and training in a sustained way, combat exclusion, protect customers.

Confederaçao Nacional das Associaçoes de Familia (CNAF)



Club of Large Families

Website: www.kmr.sk

Contact: Stanislas Trnovec – trnovec@gmail.com

Expertise: Disability, Deinstitutionalisation


Family Initiative

Website: Družinska pobuda (druzinskapobuda.si)

Contact: Peter Grabner – peter.grabner@siol.net

Expertise: family-friendly advocacy and family policy implementation.


Asociación General de Consumidores de España (ASGECO-Confederación)

Website: www.asgeco.org

Expertise: Consumer rights, financial inclusion, social cooperatives, intellectual property

Confederación española de familiares de enfermos de Alzheimer y otras demencias (CEAFA)

Website: www.ceafa.es

Contact: Javier Vergara – administracion@ceafa.es

Expertise: represent and defend the interests, needs and rights of all people living with Alzheimer’s.

Foundation Single Parent families “Isadora Duncan”

Website: isadoraduncan.es

Contact: Daniel Alvarez – daniel@isadoraduncan.es

Expertise: single-parent families, social exclusion, education, …

Confederación Española de Familias de Personas Sordas (FIAPAS)

Website: www.fiapas.es

Contact: Jose Luis Aedo, Presidente, fiapas@fiapas.es

Expertise: disability, health, inclusive education, accessibility, parental support, employment

Services: parental support, advocacy, coordination of the local and regional associations activities, access to accessible information service, information service, publications

Federación de Asociaciones de Madres Solteras (FAMS)

Website: www.familiasmonomarentales.es

Contact: Morgana Vitutia – red@federacionmadresolteras.org

Expertise: single-member families.

Unión Cívica Nacional de amas de casa de hogar de España (UNAE)

Website: www.federacionunae.com

Contact: José Ramón Lozano Petit – jrlozano64@yahoo.es

Expertise: consumption, food, environment, services, …

Unión de asociaciones familiares (UNAF)

Website: www.unaf.org

Contact: Amaia Echevarria (director) – direccion@unaf.org

Expertise: family mediation, sexual health, social advancement on family policies, …

Unión de centros de acción rural (UNCEAR)

Website: www.uncear.org

Expertise: rural areas.


Fondation Pro-XY (Family carers)

Website: www.pro-xy.ch

Expertise: Disability, elderly, family carers, de-institutionalisation


Family and Chilcare Trust

Website: www.familyandparenting.org

Grandparents Plus

Website: www.grandparentsplus.org.uk

Contact: Agnes Gautier agnes.gautier@grandparentsplus.org.uk

Expertise: recognition and support for kinship family.


European LGBTIQ* Families Associations (NELFA) (Supporting member)

Website: nelfa.org

Contact: Björn Sieverding – sieverb@aol.com

Expertise: rainbow families.

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