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Isadora Duncan: Fourth State Conference on Family Financial Education and Energy Poverty

The Isadora Duncan Single Parent Family Foundation is organising its fourth State Conference of the Family Financial Education and Energy Poverty Program that will take place on May 29 and 30 in León.

It has been 11 years since the beginning of the crisis, that has especially affected families both in the economic aspect, and in access to basic supplies. The payment of debts and the maintenance of consumer patterns have been a problem for families. Even with a regular income, in the current situation, many of them continue to have challenges with basic payments, suffer from energy poverty and over-indebtedness.

Isadora Duncan supports family financial education and the prevention of energy poverty as the most appropriate tools to achieve the best family and household management, and to achieve a responsible and sustainable consumption of families. Hence, the start-up and maintenance of the Family Financial Education and Energy Poverty program.

The days will be broadcasted live via streaming through their website, so that those who cannot attend in person can follow it from your homes.

Here you can find the conference programme and registration form.

More information about the work of Isadora Duncan and other COFACE members on financial inclusion can be found in the COFACE Financial Inclusion compendium.

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