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ParentBank: A new initiative addressing the needs of single parents

Six organisations in Europe, including COFACE members KMOP (Greece) and Parents’ Association Step by Step (Croatia), have started a new European initiative focusing on enhancing the social inclusion of low-income single parents. The 2 -year (2019-2021) project is called ParentBank and aims at facilitating the labour market integration of low-income single-parents, by promoting their access to childcare and other services that they may be unable to afford.

The initiative is based on the fact that single parents are more likely to live at risk of poverty and social exclusion, with women being the most affected, as they make up almost 85% of all single-parent families in the EU. Specifically, younger mothers and women with young children are the least-employed parent group, while the lower the mother’s level of education, the more likely the poverty.

Drastic measures are needed to help single parents address successfully their needs and daily challenges. ParentBank will design two training programmes; one improving single parents’ skills and another one improving professionals’ ability to foster single parents’ employability, socio-educational and personal development.

Furthermore, the project includes the design of an online time bank to facilitate the exchange of services that they cannot afford (i.e childcare), enabling them to search for jobs and training seminars, which will enhance their standard of living.

ParentBank is implemented in Greece, Romania, Lithuania, Spain, Bulgaria and Croatia by the following organizations: Asociatia Habilitas CRFP (coordinator), KMOP – Greece, SIF – Lithuania, Asociacion Caminos – Spain, Parents’Association Step by Step – Croatia, and Know and Can Association – Bulgaria.

To find out more about ParentBank please visit the website:

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