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Shadow report on racism and discrimination in the context of migration, by ENAR

Since 2004 ENAR the European Network Against Racism produces a shadow report on racism and discrimination in Europe. The last report, for 2015/16 focused on racism and discrimination in the context of migration and was launched in the European Parliament, hosted by MEP Kyenge, on 2nd May 2017. This report looks at the development of political discourse and policy across Europe in direct response to some major events, like terrorist attacks in France and Belgium, the rise of migration flow from war-torn Syria etc. The report also covers labour integration of migrant and their access to justice.

COFACE Families Europe intervened in the report launch and recalled three key points linking families and migration:
1. migration policies are shaped around the individual and his/her own characteristics (high skilled, seasonal worker…) but migration has an important family dimension that should start being considered in policy making,
2. families are a vector of integration and inclusion, examples of multigenerational services and solutions exist but they should be increased and be the norm, not the exception,
3. even if legal instruments for family reunification may exist, there is a problem of implementation and real enforcement across the EU, so that all families can be treated equally, regardless of their country of origin or form.
The full report is available on ENAR website

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