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Stocktaking of Member Initiatives on Migration

In celebration of International Migrants Day 2018, we would like to highlight some of the remarkable initiatives of our members in support of migrant children and their families. In the last months, we have consulted both internally and externally on the state of play.

We are currently reflecting on emerging challenges and potential resolutions and resources to better support newly-arrived and second-generation migrant families. As family experts, it is our goal to bring the holistic perspective to the migration debate – pushing for faster inclusion in quality education and providing the resources needed to address challenges such as mental health and building community solidarity. COFACE members are advocating for and engaged in local projects supporting migrant children and families. They support inclusive education through formal, informal, and non-formal methods and provide opportunities for both migrant families and receiving communities to come together in collaboration and solidarity. See some examples on our website.

United Nation’s Secretary-General Antonio Guterres reminds us that “migration is powerful driver of economic growth, dynamism, and understanding. It allows millions of people to seek new opportunities, benefiting communities of origin and destination alike.” COFACE advocacy efforts aim to bring holistic perspectives to all of our focuses, especially where policies overlap such as family, migration and education. COFACE is intentional in its efforts to discuss migration beyond our traditional focus of family reunification and transnational families, as we continue to examine deeper the challenges and potential best practices for the inclusion of migrant children and families in communities with a specific focus on education.

Addressing the emerging challenges of migration requires European, National, and Local governments in partnership with civil society and citizens of Europe to come together to build an inclusive Europe where all children and families are welcomed, respected, and united in diversity. COFACE will continue to take stock of efforts across all levels, continuing our mission towards a unified front in advocacy and policy for all families in the EU and beyond.

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