Work-life balance

COFACE Families Europe advocates for a mainstreaming of the family dimension across a large spectrum of EU and national policies in order to meet the variety of family needs.

Families need resources, time and services: ensuring minimum income and financial support to families is crucial to tackle intergenerational transmission of poverty, while reconciling family and working times is key to enable men and women to enter or return to the labour market with family responsibilities. Finally, services such as childcare, social assistance, health services, housing etc. are the most essential support for families.

COFACE identifies the following concrete priorities both for EU and national policy makers:

  • The establishment of a minimum income taking into account the specific needs of families
  • The provision of universal child benefits, designed as a right for all children
  • The availability of child-care services, long-term care and other essential quality services for families
  • The creation of inclusive labour markets providing quality jobs, easily accessible for men and women with family responsibilities
  • The promotion of job retention through measures for reconciling family and professional life
  • The promotion of measures to support a return to the labour market for men and women who had a career break for family reasons
  • The recognition of the same value for both professional work and family work (e.g. for pension rights) for both men and women
  • The promotion of the role of men in the family and the subsequent changes in work organisation and mentalities.

Other COFACE work addresses the role of personal income taxation in preventing family poverty, or the influence of maintenance payments for combating poverty among lone-parent families.

12Jul 21

A label for family-friendly workplaces

On 14th June, UNAF France, represented by Yvon Serieyx, in charge of the "Economy-Consumption-Employment" division, took part in the first committee of experts of the Family Friendly Company label, launched…

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