OPINION: Consumer Education: Getting It Right

OPINION: Consumer education: getting it right

Recently at the World Consumer Rights Day on 15th March, COFACE Families Europe engaged in the European Commission consumer education campaign called 'Your future. Your choice.' on the topics of safety online, sustainable development, data protection and financial literacy. But…

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OPINION: Learning To Listen Differently

OPINION: Learning to listen differently

A think piece on being a sister to an amazingly wonderful little brother with nonverbal autism Children on the autism spectrum may find it difficult to communicate with other people. Some children may have rich vocabularies and be able to…

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OPINION: Disability And The Family

OPINION: Disability and the Family

Thought piece by Gerard Quinn, UN Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Persons with Disabilities face barriers and discrimination in their participation in society every day. The UN CRPD is the United Nations Convention on the Rights…

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