EU Public Consultation On Cross-border Families

EU public consultation on cross-border families

Currently, parenthood established in one EU Member State may not be recognised in another. This can have significant adverse consequences for children when travelling or moving to another Member State and can endanger child’s rights derived from parenthood (e.g. on…

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Demographic Outlook For The European Union 2021

Demographic Outlook for the European Union 2021

The demographic situation in the EU-27 has an important influence on a number of areas, ranging from the labour market, to healthcare and pension systems, and education. Recent developments reinforce already existing demographic trends: a strongly ageing population due to…

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COFACE Public Consultation (closed)

COFACE public consultation (closed)

After three months of collecting best practices for the meaningful inclusion of persons with disabilities and their families, our S.H.I.F.T. public consultation is now closed. This survey was part of the second phase of our #BeTheSHIFT campaign launched in 2019.…

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Results Of The Porto Social Summit

Results of the Porto Social Summit

EU leaders, European institutions, social partners and civil society representatives met up beginning of May in Porto, Portugal to discuss how to set the European social policy agenda for the next decade as well as how to leave no one…

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