Resources on societal change during COVID-19

We collected some information around different areas affecting families: Child poverty: OECD Brief on how to combat the effects of COVID-19 on children The Council of Europe’s dedicated webpage contains some tips and a compilation of resources for talking…

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Resources on disability during COVID-19

We collected some information about our members’ initiatives: APF France Handicap is sharing several news on the on the crisis on its website. APEMH is providing different services to persons with intellectual disabilities, has communicated which of their services are…

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Members In Action In The Era Of Coronavirus

Members in action in the era of Coronavirus

In these difficult times, it is more important than ever to care for and support each other. This spirit is especially lived by our network all over Europe. We invite you to explore the different services and information offered by…

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Digital Change And Its Impact On Families

Digital Change and its impact on families

The Association of German Family Organisations (COFACE member) has developed a discussion paper reflecting on questions regarding digitalisation for different areas of life from the point of view of families. It takes a lifecycle perspective to discuss the consequences of…

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How Accessible Are France’s Municipalities?

How accessible are France’s municipalities?

Using public transport, moving around in the streets, access to shops, public places or care facilities are all daily activities, but can become enormous challenges for persons with disabilities. APF France handicap (COFACE member) launched a major consultation jointly with…

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Technology For All: Closing The Digital Gap In Spain

Technology for all: Closing the digital gap in Spain

Since 2004, Isadora Duncan (COFACE member) has developed an empowerment programme based on access to technology, focused on adult and older people, with a special emphasis on women. Background information The project started as an initiative on digitalisation, focused on…

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