OPINION: Consumer Education: Getting It Right

OPINION: Consumer education: getting it right

By Martin Schmalzried, COFACE Families Europe   Recently at the World Consumer Rights Day on 15th March, COFACE Families Europe engaged in the European Commission consumer education campaign called 'Your future. Your choice.' on the topics of safety online, sustainable…

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2021 Family Priorities In The EU

2021 Family priorities in the EU

2021 is, as each year before, a packed year. Here is a short overview of important EU files regarding families we keep a close eye on this year. Of course, we will inform you about the progress over the year.…

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UNAF France: Countering Domestic Violence

UNAF France: Countering domestic violence

I live it, I see it, I have seen it, I have lived it... What can I do? UNAF France and its regional members (UDAF) continue to fight against domestic violence through their family policy. Especially the UDAF in Deux-Sèvres…

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