European Project “Job-keeping or vocational integration for victims of domestic violence”

Under the EU’s Daphne III programme for preventing and combating violence towards children, adolescents and women, and protecting victims and groups at risk (2007-2013). Families are of course, the primary environment of domestic violence and it is of utmost importance not only to denounce these happenings, but also to prevent them from occurring. The education of children to solve problems by other means than violence is crucial in this respect.

The project aimed to provide awareness and information to the victims of violence, and to do so at the workplace or at the time of integration in employment. To this end, the project developed a training course for specific target groups (trade union representatives, vocational integration or vocational training facilitators) in order to enable them to assist the beneficiaries in finding employment or staying in work.

The project originated from the observation that domestic violence seriously hinders the effectiveness of vocational integration and training actions. Concern over this issue is shared by the trade unions as regards enabling the victims of domestic violence to retain their jobs. For their part, the family-support organisations that are members of COFACE have focused their attention on the family problems and loss of income associated with domestic violence. It is within COFACE that the partnership has been set up.


Femmes Prévoyantes Socialistes – FPS (Belgium)
FGTB Trade Union (Belgium)
Women and Mothers against Violence (Bulgaria)
Asociación Salud y Familia (Spain)
Kendro Oikoyenias Kai Pediou – KMOP (Greece)
Belgium’s Institute for Gender Equality provided methodological support and resource materials.

Project outcomes:

Daphne Domestic violence Workplace Leaflet FR
Daphne Domestic violence Workplace Study EN
Daphne Domestic violence Workplace Study FR

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