In 2012, COFACE was 54 years old, the COFACE website pages have been viewed 78.192 times, Written Declaration nr 32 was signed by 240 MEPs, the COFACE team spent 36 hours in the train travelling to Strasbourg, we drank more than 3080 cups of coffee to keep us going, the total number of hours of our meetings, conferences and working groups amounts to 2525, we attended 162 external meetings, our Blog on the 2014 campaign was visited 6107 times and we developed 13 different new communication tools.
In 2012 we spent a lot of time plotting over different strategies and actions, as to how to secure our most ambitious objectives, the designation of 2014 as the European Year for Reconciling Work and Family Life. You will see many of the milestones for this campaign in the following pages.

Download COFACE’s Annual report 2012 here

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