2013 was not an easy year for the families living in Europe. The crisis and austerity measures were a harsh reality for many families and civil society organisations across Europe. When you read through our Annual Report, you will discover the great variety of activities we were involved in in 2013, and some of our main achievements. In 2013 we focused on three main aspects:
– The campaign to have 2014 designated as the European Year of Reconciling Work and Family Life, and the adoption of our Written Declaration in the European Parliament with 388 signatures.
– A successful conference in association with the Irish Presidency of the EU.
– The launch of the 
project ‘European Awareness Raising Campaign on Cyberbullying’ #DeleteCyberbullying.
You will find more statistics, infographics and interesting data on our Annual report.

Download COFACE’s Annual report 2013 here

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