2017 has been an important year for Social Europe and for COFACE Families Europe. We welcomed very much the European Pillar of Social Rights and were especially happy with the Work-Life Balance Package launched by the European Commission in April 2017.

Throughout the year we built several actions with our members, as well as a strong coalition of European NGOs jointly working towards the swift adoption of the proposed EU Work-Life Balance Directive which aims to support work-life balance of parents and carers.

Guided by our successful Europe-wide consultation of family carers that resulted in an in-depth qualitative and quantitative study «Who Cares?» we made the invisible workforce of carers and their needs, visible.

Further in this annual report, we highlight other COFACE Families Europe key actions which have generated impact on EU policy and legislation, and therefore impacted the lives of families. Starting from the overall theme of “Families on the Move” throughout 2017, we organised a multi-stakeholder conference and a series of COFACE expert meetings for cross-country discussions and transfer of innovation between our network members.

We launched a new colourful website and several online campaigns to bring more people into our community of practice and keep the information flowing between local and EU level.

Download COFACE Families Europe’s Annual Report 2017

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