These are summaries of events, workshops, seminars held by COFACE.

COFACE organised a European Expert meeting on the Child Guarantee as a tool to address child poverty. See full meeting report in English and German, and an overview of the Feasibility study on the Child Guarantee and the next steps.
COFACE organised the seminar Expert Seminar “Economics at the service of society” in Brussels, on 22-23 November. See full seminar report.
COFACE organised the conference Families on the Move in Brussels, on 12 May 2017. Following the event, COFACE produced four workshop reports on:
Economic moveDigital moveGeographic moveSocial move

COFACE organised an event with the UN focal point on the family in Amsterdam. The conference Sustainable Development Goals and Gender Equality: the role of family policies and exchange of good practices took place in the University of Amsterdam, on 19-20 April 2016.
Following the event, COFACE Families Europe published a policy paper

The conference Accessible and fair financial services: alternatives to mainstream banking took place in the Madrid City Hall, on 11-12 May 2015. The conference explored the question of how alternative banking could contribute to ensure access to fair and quality financial services for all families.
Following the event, COFACE Families Europe published a final report

COFACE, in collaboration with its Finnish member Väestöliitto, The Family Federation of Finland organised the Employers’ Forum for Work Life Balance, on September 8-9 in Helsinki. The Forum was a great opportunity to foster exchange between employers from the private, public and third sectors, experts and representatives of social partners, scientists and researchers to discuss family friendly workplace measures.
Following the event, COFACE Families Europe published a final report

As part of the #DeleteCyberbullying project, the European Conference on Cyberbullying took on ambitious goals to bring together a great variety of actors involved in the fight against cyberbullying, such as families, young people, NGOs, schools, law enforcement and the industry. The confernce was organised in Madrid, on 28 May 2013.
Following the event, COFACE Families Europe published a conference report

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