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Skills4Parents – European project on support to parents and professionals

With the rise of new technologies, the relationship between parents & children and the way they communicate has changed. This is evidenced in the recent literature reviews of DigiGen on the impact of ICT on families. The Skills4Parents partnership, led by COFACE Families Europe, will develop a European online platform to support parents & professionals to address the impact of these changes.

Skills4Parents aims to influence the lives of adult educators, parents and children in a way so that all three groups gain valuable life tools. With the rise of new technologies, the way children spend time and how they communicate with each other has changed drastically and it is affecting the relationship between them and their parents. On a daily basis, parents are adapting to new information on how to nurture and assist in their children’s development, communicate with them efficiently and bring them up into confident and vigilant children. By improving parents’ personal growth, communication and parental skills they simultaneously gain solid grounds to also further develop their professional skills.

Skills4Parents is a strategic partnership for innovation and the exchange of good practices, in the field of adult education, funded by the Erasmus+ programme. During two years, organizations from 6 European countries will work together to develop the project:

COFACE Families Europe (Belgium), Step by Step Parents Association (Croatia), European Digital Learning Network (Italy), Emphasys Centre (Cyprus), Europaikos Syndesmos Prosanatolismou Stadiodromias (Cyprus), Stichting Incubator (Netherlands).

The project kicked off in November 2020 and will last 2 years, with final multiplier events planned in September and October 2022. The main goal of the project is to support adult educators and families to gain and develop skills via 3 innovative tools:

  • A methodological framework for implementation through the collection of feedback on topics created by the partners and representatives of the target groups (parents and adult educators)
  • A training model co-created between the main partners and representatives of the target groups and that will deliver a set of information regarding the project training course learning outcomes, syllabus with the project topics and guidelines
  • An online digital platform and community, which will host the learning material and the digital tools to support adult educators with pedagogical guidelines and parents.

During this initial stage, the consortium is working on developing a fundamental methodological framework which will validate the pre-assumption regarding the project topic and will start engaging the target groups into the project through focus groups. It will include a literature review of effective approaches to the development of innovative educational methodology, focus groups and interviews with adult educators and parents to discuss and validate the project topics and strategies.

You can find out more on the website: which includes information about the project such as the aims, background, target groups, the partner organizations, the results and products that will be produced as well as contact details for anyone wishing to get in touch and find out more information. It is multilingual, available in all the languages of the consortium via the translate button: Croatian, Dutch, English, Greek, French, Italian and German. It also includes an accessibility widget which can help tailor the webpages to meet the needs of different users of the website.

If you want to find out more and stay up-to-date with the project activities, follow Skills4Parents on Twitter and Facebook communities, and sign up via the website to receive the newsletter updates.

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