Family and Child Wellbeing Organisations in Finland: Position on Family leave reform in Finland – Väestöliitto

COFACE gathered key experts from Finland and other EU countries on work-life balance at an internal expert meeting organised on 8-9 June in Helsinki. Our member Väestöliitto hosted the meeting, and provided different inputs, including their recently adopted position: “Family and Child Wellbeing Organizations in Finland: Position on Family leave reform in Finland”.

This position paper was signed by 11 NGOs working in family and child welfare fields in Finland. The position states It is important that the development of family leaves does not increase inequality between families in how they can use the leaves. Family leaves must be guaranteed to all families and parents, irrespective of their work situation. Temporary contract, self-employment or unemployment can prevent families from using or sharing the leaves as they wish. Different family types must be recognized in defining the right for family leaves. Single-parent families should be entitled to the same amount of paid parental leave as two-parent families”.

The position is available (in Finnish and English) here

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