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Fathers 4.0: member KFÖ addresses the question of the role of the father in the present age

On occasion of their 2018 campaign “Vater sein” our member organisation Katholischer Familienverband Österreich (KFÖ) held the event “Väter 4.0: Vom Mehrwert der Männer im Leben ihrer Kinder” (Father 4.0: The added value of men in the lives of their children). During the meeting, which took place on the 23 October, experts and participants addressed the questions on how much of and what kind of father do children need? What challenges and tasks will men face in their paternal role in the present age?

In his lecture, researcher of men and psychotherapist Erich Lehner examines the role of an active father and explores how to involve fathers in the lives of their children. Afterwards the psychiatrist and psychotherapist Raphael Bonelli says: “Fathers are not mothers” and asks: “Which father does a child need? The two talks were followed by a panel discussion with five fathers from different backgrounds – traditional family father, patchwork father, single parent, grandfather. Together they discussed the challenges of everyday life and their wishes for the future.

KFÖ’s campaign of this year focuses on the involvement of the fathers. They call upon all fathers to not miss the role of their lives – being a father – and get involved in their children’s lives.

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