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Familles de France tackles stereotyping in toys

Christmas is getting closer and it won’t be long until you’ll begin to receive toy catalogues, see more toy advertisements and the shelves get filled in the toy stores. Year after year, most of them display girls playing with pink dolls and boys with blue cars.

In order to fight against gender stereotypes in the toy industry and marketing, our French member Familles de France co-signed a Charter on “gender equal representation of toys”. The Charter, which was issued by the French government together with other civil society organisations, the toy industry and advertisement industry representatives, aims to lead to real change in the representation and manufacturing of toys in France.

It states that the toy industry is committed to “developing toys that are not spreading discriminating gender stereotypes” and “promoting and developing neutral and gender equal visuals” for advertisements.

Other points include:

  • The creation of a label called “STEM” for Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Maths which is dedicated to promoting scientific games as much for girls as for boys
  • The suppression of the categorisation of toys in “Girl/Boy” in print and online magazines
  • Make toys contribute to a more inclusive vision of society by representing disabilities, different ethnicities and gender diversity

Familles de France will create campaigns to raise awareness on this topic on its Facebook and Twitter.

And you? Do you also find that stereotypes are very present in the field of toys? COFACE Families Europe has worked on this issue already with the #toysanddiversity campaign launched in 2016, and will soon launch a Europe-wide poll on this subject.

Stay tuned!

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