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The European Commission launches a Public Consultation on “Equal Pay”

The gender pay gap represents one of today’s greatest inequalities, an issue that civil society and lawmakers are trying to address. The economic and social implications of closing that pay gap are key and have been prioritised in the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), in particular SDG 8.5.

Following its Action Plan of November 2017 that aims to take specific actions to decrease the gender pay gap, the Commission launched on 11th January a broad consultation to gather from different stakeholders (public authorities, professional and business associations, trade unions, companies, citizens, etc.) information, good practices and experiences on the running and implementation of the “equal pay” principle.

The consultation is open until next 5th April, it is available in some EU languages, and answers can be submitted in any official EU language.

Should you want to respond to the Consultation, you can find it here.

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