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  • Childbirth is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Allow fathers to be part of it. Pass 10 days paid EU Paternity leave around the childbirth #IwantWorkLifeBalance
  • Mothers need their partners after delivery. Make paternity leave a right for all in the EU #IwantWorkLifeBalance
  • Fathers want to be more present for their kids. Allow them to do so. Approve the #wlbDirective #IwantWorkLifeBalance
  • Many parents do not take parental leave because the family cannot afford unpaid leaves. Pass the #wlbDirective #IwantWorkLifeBalance
  • Pass the #wlbDirective with paid and non-transferable leaves for all mothers and fathers #IwantWorkLifeBalance
  • Unpaid or poorly paid parental leave is for the wealthy only, adequately paid parental leave is for all. Stop discrimination. Approve the #wlbDirective #IwantWorkLifeBalance
  • 80% of care is provided by family and informal carers, because of the lack of a specific leave and community-based services. This is not sustainable. Start acting now, say yes to EU carers leave #IwantWorkLifeBalance
  • Women 50+ are leaving employment to care for their ageing parents and end up earning up to 40% less in pension than men. Prevent this. Approve the #WLBdirective #IwantWorkLifeBalance
  • Parents alone cannot cope with work, family, care. #IwantWorkLifeBalance to reduce parental burn-out and stress
  • Ageing population and shrinking workforce? Help women to enter and stay in employment, say yes to flexible working arrangements and #wlbDirective #IwantWorkLifeBalance
  • Allowing parents and carers to better reconcile work and family life will reduce health related expenditure for EU countries #IwantWorkLifeBalance
  • Paying leaves and providing flexible working for parents and carers is an investment, it will help women to enter and stay at work #IwantWorkLifeBalance

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