Newsletter April 16

NOE-Large Families association in Hungary organizes an event on unpaid work

The National Association of Large Families (NOE) organized a conference on unpaid “invisible” work on 5th April. During the conference, several prizes were handed over to the winners of the photo and video competition on unpaid work. From a total of 62, only 6 videos and photos were awarded. A selection of videos and photos is available here. The pictures on the “invisible work” were displayed in the gallery of the conference room and the best videos were presented during the event.

The conference was opened by state officials from the Ministry of Human Capacities, the Prime Minister’s Office and the Secretary General of the Hungarian Academy of Arts. They all recognized the importance of unpaid work and emphasised the role of men and fathers in getting involved in a seemingly “typical” women’s duty.

The three keynote speeches focused on the economic and social relevance of “invisible” work. The unequal distribution of unpaid work in the households was highlighted, together with an inter-generational aspect dividing the age groups to providers and beneficiaries. The keynote speakers of the conference were Anikó Varga, accountant counsellor and economist, Johanna Giczi, expert of the Hungarian Central Statistical Office and Róbert Gál, a senior expert of the Hungarian Demographic Research Institute.

The speeches were followed by a roundtable discussion between practitioners: the representatives of Voluntary Center, the SZEF trade union, the Fathers’ Magazine and the so-called “Three princes/princesses” Movement were talking about the role of unpaid work in the context of their organization’s activity.

The programme of the conference was enriched by a story performed by an authentic folk tale storyteller. NOE is convinced that the recognition of the importance of unpaid work is crucial for reconciliation and a good work-life balance.

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