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Online magazine for single parents launched by Single Parent Families Foundation, Hungary

An innovative magazine for single parents has been launched in Hungary. The portal was created by the Single Parent Families Foundation and is available since 30 June.

The magazine is the first of its kind in a country where the number of single parents is close to 350.000. The aim of the portal is to provide information and entertainment to single parents and as well to anyone with similar experiences. Next to everyday news concerning lone parent families, readers may also find interviews with experts, programs, relationship advice, recipes and even testimonies of women and men who raise their children alone. Those requiring help can also contact one of the experts for legal, psychological or even medical advice, for free.

“The world of the Single Parent Magazine is not pink and fluffy. Instead, it is as real as the people who read it. It also represents a community for lone parents to show that others share the same problems and responsibilities”, says Anna Nagy, president of the foundation and magazine’s editor-in-chief.

In Hungary, many women and family magazines have topics that are of interest for single parent families. Yet, the particular hardships they face in everyday life are almost never told. Unfortunately, being a lone parent still has negative connotations in the public and in the media, even though one quarter of Hungarian families is affected. According to experts, this number will only rise and across Europe, one third of the next generation will be raised by single parents.

The mission of the Single Parent Magazine is to be the voice for all families concerned, no matter how and why they have become lone parents.

More information available here (in Hungarian)

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