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B-resol – Digital tool assisting in conflict mediation and resolution

The ASOCIACIÓN SALUD y FAMILIA from Spain (COFACE member) has developed an innovative solution B-resol which gives adults the ability to know as soon as possible, manage and document all these types of conflicts…before it’s too late. Asociación Salud y Familia and BCN RESOL maintain a partnership agreement for developing and implementing tools of conflict resolution in family and community life.

Background information

B-resol is the first programme of BCN RESOL, founded in 2016.

The current version of b-resol was launched in December 2017. Since then, it has been awarded several prizes given its social impact and its technological innovations. B-resol was designed as an inclusive and global solution.

At present, 50 schools are using the solutions, mostly in Spain, but also in Andorra.

Aims of the initiative

BCN RESOL’s mantra is: “Managing conflict to change the world”.

B-resol was born to provide children with ICT tools, with the view that conflict is an opportunity for improvement and growth if it is resolved through dialogue.

B-resol promotes camaraderie among adolescents. In 80% of the cases it is the peers who warn of a situation that affects another adolescent, so that the adults can act as quickly as possible. Solidarity is encouraged and breaks the silence of the bystander.

Concrete actions

B-resol is an app, both in Android and iOS, confidential and safe, anonymous by default, though there is a self-identification option, with the possibility of selecting the adult interlocutors, with the possibility of adding any type of file, from any place, at any time, with very intuitive design and available in several languages.

The use of b-resol strengthens personal relationships without involving excessive smart phone use. The reports are processed in a timely manner and outside of the school or learning facility, and the processing and follow-up leads to personalized solutions that puts students and teachers in contact. As adolescents realize that they have adults at the school or learning facility who will help them and who will not, in any case, judge them for asking for help, they feel more capable of formulating their requests without having to use the telephone.

B-resol is born with the will to be integrated in all types of schools or other environments, with the firm intention of becoming a driver of social change.

Of course, privacy and data protection are key elements of the architecture of b-resol.


Since December 2017, more than 3.000 reports or alerts were created and managed thanks to b-resol.

About 10% of them are really “strong conflicts”, that have been brought forward thanks to b-resol. But about 80% are “weak conflicts” or in a very initial state, that hopefully can be discovered and treated before is too late, and many times allowing the use of alternative dispute resolutions methods.

Multimedia material

See here a video created by students: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-h9LOQLdjg
Web site: http://b-resol.com/index_en.html

Financial information:

BCN RESOL was created by 5 founders, 4 women and one man. They invested 30.000€ … and much personal time, effort and commitment.

In 2018, the UOC, Open University of Catalonia, also became a partner.


At present, the key partners are both the Ministry of Education of Catalonia, Spain, and the Ministry of Education in Andorra.

Contact information:

Josep Figols, CEO

Dr. Elvira Méndez. General Director Asociación Salud y Familia
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