Family Federation of Finland launches new online platform for families and professionals

The Family Federation of Finland, Vaestoliitto, has launched a new customer and NGO (non-governmental organizations) -driven service platform, , that combines organisations’ wellness, relationship, health, research data and services. The project began in 2017 and will be completed in 2020.

The purpose of the service platform is to make NGO (non-governmental organizations) information and services available for the citizens in a form that is easy to find, use and access. Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) play an important role in complementing the gaps in services and as part of the service chain. Nonprofit services diversify into parenting and relationship services and operate on a low-threshold basis. The service focuses on growing online collaboration and aims to include dozens of non-governmental organisations. Through collaboration, organisations’ resources can be centralised for use in content and service production. The content of the web service is already provided by 36 organizations in 2019. In year 2020 it will be 60 organizations.

The aims of the platform is to provide an online service giving citizens access to social support and assistance from experts in the convenience of own home. The service is preventive and free of charge. Its target group is people interested in their own wellness and health. The main target groups are young people, adults, couples, families and the elderly.
The key partners for this Vaestoliitto-led project are until the end of 2020 non-governmental organizations which produce health and wellbeing services and information for citizens.
More here: (online service) (promotional video)

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