Berlin, 29 September 2020(3)

Finnish online support platform, Hyvä kysymys, now available in English and Swedish

Hyvä kysymys – meaning Good Question – is now available in English (and Swedish). Hyvä kysymys supports and encourages people to find solutions to puzzling life situations. The English version contains mainly information and services ready to use for all of us. Hyvä kysymys is produced by the Family Federation of Finland (COFACE member) and its partner organisations. All services and information are free of charge.

What is Hyvä kysymys?

Hyvä kysymys brings the services and peer support provided by Finnish organisations to everyone. The objective is that everyone can get information and support as early as possible and easily when something is happening in their own or their loved ones’ lives. Hyvä kysymys provides expert advice, peer support and reliable information. The service is produced and implemented by the Family Federation of Finland in cooperation with partner organisations. The content and services on the site are provided by trained experts and volunteers from the organisations.

Services and information can be found in the topics of

couple relationships,
intoxicants and addiction,
well-being and health,
daily life,
young lives,
relationships and

Relative to these topics, the online service provides, for example

• chat and phone advice,
• lectures and online courses,
• videos and podcasts,
• tests and answers to frequently asked questions,
• peer support groups,
• researched and up-to-date information.

For Whom?

The online service is meant for everyone:

young people

How to use the service?

Search for information in your own words in the frontpage search field, or navigate to content and services by selecting what interests you on the frontpage.

• target group
• topic
• service / content type

You will see articles and content with tips that you might find useful. And we also ask for your feedback to understand if the tips were useful.

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