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Single Parents Association Hungary joins the network as new Full member

In May 2017, our General Assembly welcomed the Single Parents Association Hungary, as new COFACE Full member. The Single Parents’ Association aims to help families living with one parent only and raise awareness about single parenthood. In Hungary, close to one million people live in single parent families.

The Single Parents Association provides information about practical (legal, financial, etc.) issues; involves experts to help single parents in resolving their special challenges; presents opportunities for parents to help one another based on their own experience; advocates for equal opportunities in employment and society for single parents bringing up children; and provides an opportunity for a social dialogue about the continually increasing number of single parent families.

In 2016, the Association had two new projects. The first one on the improvement of the position of women and mothers on the labour market with training, development courses and counselling. The second one, involved the elderly and single parent families. The project ‘Be Our Granny’ has helped single parent families and people of the third age living on their own to come together. In 2017 the Association would like to develop further this extremely popular initiative, since the social need for the project has proved to be high.

More information on Single Parents Association Hungary website:

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