Barometer Ligue Des Familles

The Parents’ Barometer 2016: all about today’s families by Ligue des familles, Belgium

The Ligue des familles has conducted a survey of families in Brussels and Wallonia, to measure new emerging trends. It appears that Belgian families are made of three different groups: 61% represent a «standard» family i.e. father, mother and their children under the same roof. 23% are single families, and 16% are « recomposed » families. It also appears that parents are getting poorer. Women and single families are the most vulnerable and experience most difficulties.

Reconciliation between work and family life is getting even more difficult: 6 out of 10 parents are concerned, compared with less than 1 out of 2 last year. 22% of parents feel they could suffer parental burn-out, regularly or on a permanent basis. Women are again the most vulnerable group. The barometer also illustrates the impact of a shortage of early childhood care on poorer families; the importance of family allowances and of out-of-school activities; as well as the ever growing impact of digitalization on our lives.

Delphine Chabbert, political secretary of Ligue des familles stated that “these figures show parents are exhausted and under pressure. Women, single and low-income families suffer the most. This is not acceptable. The constant struggle against the clock and financial difficulties weaken couples, who finally break up and become even more vulnerable. This barometer must be a wake-up call for politicians and must help build solutions that can end this vicious circle”.
See the full results of the Barometer here (in French)

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