Time reform campaign by Salud y Familia, Spain

Elvira Méndez, Director of Salud y Familia, explains the campaign of the Catalan government in a recently published article: Encontrar tiempo dentro del Tiempo (“Finding time within time”). “Current organisation of time in our society has a negative impact on our lives. It does not allow us to take a broader perspective on our world, it makes the learning process more difficult, it undermines cultural and democratic involvement, and it leaves us with almost no time for relationships and mutual solidarity”.
In Catalonia, Spain, Iniciativa para la Reforma Horaria-Ahora es la Hora (the initiative for a timetable reform-Now is the time), proposes to reorganise the timetables our society is based on. The objective is to harmonise them, slowly but surely, with the rest of Europe. This systemic change of timetable will have a significant impact on our work, education system, social and family life and with multiple effects our our daily lives. The timetable reform will concern almost all human activities, from work to leisure, schools, sports, meals, family, or sleeping hours.
Through its President Mrs Assumpta Baig and its Director Mrs Elvira Méndez, Salud y Familia has demonstrated a strong dedication to this reform which can have a huge potential to change the quality of life of all, especially that of women and younger ones.
Read more here (in Spanish).

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