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UNAF Spain explores progress in co-responsibility between men and women

UNAF Spain organised on the 30th of September in Madrid a whole day workshop on “Progressing in co-responsibility: the new European Directive on the reconciliation of work, family and personal life”.

Spanish government representatives, experts in Work-Life Balance from academia and representatives from civil society delivered speeches and called to officials and public authorities to take measures to promote co-responsibility as key to making progress in the reconciliation of work, family and personal life.

Ms Ascension Iglesias, President of UNAF highlighted that “due to gender roles and the economic inequalities it generates, it is women who mostly assume the responsibility of care. Therefore, by establishing that family leaves are non-transferable, we are promoting co-responsibility between men and women”.

COFACE Families Europe attended the meeting to introduce and explain the new rights introduced by the EU Work-life balance Directive.

Last, but not least, the UNAF Spain Report on “Policies for the Reconciliation of Family, Personal and Work Life”, a comparative study of work-life balance policies in the EU, was launched. The report concludes that work-life balance policies must be a key instrument to achieve a true “co-responsibility” approach that engages institutions and companies, men and women.

For UNAF’s press release of the Workshop, please click here (in Spanish)
For UNAF Report, please click here (in Spanish)

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