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UNAF Spain webinar: Confronting conflicts and improving coexistence – the pandemic puts us to the test.

The pandemic and confinement have strongly impacted on family and social relations. The stress and anxiety situations experienced, the fear of the coronavirus infection, the difficulties of work-life balance and the uncertainty in the face of the economic and social crisis have generated a great individual and collective malaise, which has put family and social coexistence to the test.

Conflicts have arisen in many families and in others, existing ones have worsened, causing an increase in demands for separation and divorce, or straining relations between parents and adolescents. It has also affected the school environment, integration and social participation. Support for managing these conflicts and improving coexistence has become more necessary than ever. This is why mediation and conflict resolution are emerging as essential tools for the well-being of families and social cohesion.

Speakers included a wide range of family mediation experts, as well as Félix Barajas Villaluenga, Deputy General Director of Family Diversity and Social Services of the Ministry of Social Rights and Agenda 2030.
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