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WAF Research Project meeting in London

Work Autonomy, Flexibility and Work-Life Balance (WAF Project) is a European research project of the University of Kent and COFACE is part of the Policy advisory Board since 2014, together with representatives of the Social Partners, ILO, EuroFound and others. This project aims to examine how work-autonomy and working-time flexibility (flexitime) is being used and provided, and how it can be used to benefit workers rather than to lead to increased intensification of work and blurring boundaries between work and family life.

During the Policy Advisory Board meeting, the project principal investigator, Dr. Heejung Chung, presented some of the findings relating to the availability of work autonomy in different countries and the impact that it can have on the employee’s private and family life, its gender dimension and the link with job quality, work duration and well-being. More findings and a number of opinion and reflection pieces can be found on the project blog.

For more information on this project contact Paola Panzeri, COFACE Senior Policy and Advocacy officer,

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