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Work-Life-Balance update: What happened this summer and where are we now?

First of all, welcome back! We hope that you had a great summer and you are ready for what we want to be the last months of a long fight to make the Work-Life Balance Directive a reality for millions in Europe.

With the European Parliament elections approaching, it is crucial to approve this piece of legislation now. We know that finding compromises is not always easy but we call on the two co-legislators to take this chance to bring actual positive change in the life of many. Stalling or playing political games only to lower standards would be an irresponsible move that will only hurt families in Europe. We, therefore, call on the Austrian Presidency to set an ambitious agenda and aim high, because no compromise or a watered down text would only mean one thing in the mind of EU citizens: Europe does not care. We hope European leaders would like to avoid to send this message right before the elections.

What happened this summer and where are we now:

  • In June the Ministers of Employment and Social Affairs (EPSCO) voted on a text, amending the Commission’s proposal, called “general approach” that will serve as the Council position during the upcoming negotiations with the European Parliament.
  • In July the EMPL Committee of the European Parliament voted the Parliament position, amending as well the Commission’s proposal, and obtained the mandate to enter negotiations with the Council
  • The trilogues have started. For those outside Brussels, trilogue is the “EU word” for the negotiations between the co-legislators, the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers. The Eu Commission is also present. The trilogues for the Work-Life Balance directive started on 12 September.

More news in October, when a second trilogue will be held and negotiations will enter a crucial phase. Questions? Want to support us? Contact Paola Panzeri

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